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Your Questions Answered

Do You Have Questions About Hiring a Private Investigator?

Check Out The FAQs Below.

Do you provide free consultations?

Yes. We offer a no-obligation, confidential opportunity to discuss your case. During our initial consultation, we will explain our services, suggest best course of action, and discuss our fees.

Why do individuals hire a private investigator?

Individuals hire private investigators for a number of reasons, including:

Why do attorneys hire a private investigator?

Some substantial cases require the addition of skilled investigative service providers, and some demand highly-specialized expertise that are best outsourced, such as:

Why do companies hire a private investigator?

If you suspect an employee of misconduct, you need to be swift in protecting your business and assets by capturing evidence that will stand up in court. Some companies have internal investigation divisions and still choose to engage a PI firm to ensure elimination of bias. Services typically used by corporate clients include:

What can Skidmore & Associates do for me?

Skidmore & Associates first role is to listen.

Once we learn about your unique situation during a free consultation, we will conduct a cost-benefit analysis to ensure that we can add value to your specific case.

We will then put our network of seasoned investigation and intelligence professionals to work on uncovering the truth.

Note that we are intentional in saying that we will get the truth – and will never say that we will get the answers you need or deserve. It is important to us that our clients understand that the truth is not always as it seems or what is desired, and may not lead to the outcome you expect.

Every facet of our investigation will be conducted within the confines of the law so that when our case is complete, the evidence we’ve found on your behalf can be used in court.

Will the details shared during my consultation be kept confidential, even if I don’t hire Skidmore & Associates?

Yes. We are committed to the highest standards of diligence, ethics and discretion. Your business is your business, until you make it our business … and even then, it’s confidential.

What will be the outcome of my investigation?

Skidmore & Associates will conduct a thorough investigation of the facts of a case using traditional detective work and the latest in investigative and intelligence technology. The outcome will ultimately be the truth.

How often will I get updates on my case?

We believe communication is key. We provide 24/7 access to your case whether through a secure online portal or direct interface with your case manager so that you are never in the dark. You know what we know, when we know it.

How long will it take to investigate my case?

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to know how long it will take to complete a case. It could be days, weeks, months or years. It depends entirely on the type, scope, scale and complexity of the case. If we can, we will make a prediction or give the range of time we anticipate will be needed for your case. As your partner in the pursuit of justice, we want expedient answers.

Will the proof you produce be admissible in court?

Yes. Every facet of our investigation will be conducted within the confines of the law so that when our case is complete, the evidence we’ve found on your behalf can be used in court or any legal proceedings.

Will you testify in court when I present my case?

Yes. Our extensive network includes a vast array of professionals whose expert testimony in support of the dossier of evidence we provide may prove critical to your case. We are here to help.

Where can I find Skidmore & Associates?

We have two physical offices in South Carolina – one in Fort Mill and the other in Myrtle Beach. But that doesn’t mean that that’s where you need to be physically to engage our services. Our team is licensed, insured and bonded to operate across the Carolinas.

How much does a private investigator cost?

Every firm is different. Fee structures are typically retainer-based or fee-based, and total cost is driven by service type. Firms that charge an upfront retainer will bill against that retainer at an hourly rate (plus mileage and other qualified expenses). Fee-based firms charge a flat fee for service(s) rendered.

Skidmore & Associates fee structure is dependent on the service type and can be either retainer or fee-based. Every client consultation we conduct includes a cost-benefit analysis to determine which of our professional investigation and intelligence services are most appropriate for your case.

Get The Clarity You Need.