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Testimonials From Our Clients

Nicholas Hays

Efficient work and fair on the price.

Desara Harris

What amazing work by the team!

Kevin Kaulbars

Very impressive, professional, and committed to finding the truth.

Abbey Busch

Very professional, helpful, & quick with responses! Really great team.

John Smith

Outstanding firm. Would recommend to anyone that needs help.

George Moya-Mendez

I must say that I never thought I would be in the position of needing a private investigator. When I was referred to Skidmore and Associates by my attorney I had no idea what to expect. My initial consultation was with Kevin Stewart. Kevin showed great interest and compassion in my case and what began as a one-hour consultation, turned into three hours before I knew it. I was very impressed with his attention to detail as I told my story. I worked mostly with Kevin throughout the next several weeks. It blew my mind at the way I was treated throughout the case. It almost felt as if I were his only client. We were in constant communication and anytime I had questions he had answers, and if he didn’t have the answers he would get them. There were a few quirks throughout the overall time spent on my case. However anytime there was something in question Kevin was quick to resolve any of my concerns. Kevin and his team went above and beyond to make sure they uncovered the truth. The one thing Kevin told me the first time we met and continued to reiterate throughout our dealings was that he and his team were only there for one reason. That reason was to uncover the truth, and that if the truth was not what I expected them to find that it did not mean he and his team had not done their job up to expectation. Not everyone’s case will reveal what their expectations may be, but in my case, the truth was revealed. In my opinion, Kevin Stewart is a brilliant and kind person and I respect his leadership of the team that follows him. If you are ever unfortunate enough to have the need to hire a private investigation team, I would look no further. My dealings with this firm have been nothing but an excellent experience and I would refer them without hesitation to anyone in need of this type of service.

Tracey Broughton

If I could give ten stars, I would!! I recently had the pleasure of working with Morgan. She was professional and prompt. Despite technical difficulties on my end, she remained patient and was diligent in making sure that we explored all options. I would use Skidmore and Associates again and I highly recommend them to anyone who finds themselves in need of such services.

Tammy Jo Dabbs

I would come right out and tell you this firm is Amazing!!!! Communication, excellent customer service, and excellent work! When they tell you they are gonna do something they will!!! Kevin was and still is my hero. Always answering my million questions without rushing me and taking his time to answer everyone. Pete is amazing as well. He went above my expectations by standing by his word. I would highly recommend you utilize their services if you are ever in need because they are the Best!!! I would give them 100 stars if I could

John Blume

There are only a handful of investigators in the country in whom I have the type of confidence I have in Pete Skidmore, Sr. When I ask him to do something, I know it will be done quickly and done right.

Sterling Spann

Pete Skidmore, Sr. works harder than words can say.

Bill Nettles

Pete Skidmore provides the best investigation services I have ever received. He does so independently, expeditiously, and comprehensively. In a federal capital case with witnesses in Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Massachusetts, West Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina, Pete often beat federal agents to the witness providing us with an invaluable advantage to interview them prior to the government.

Mark MacDougall

I have seen Pete Skidmore lead homicide investigations throughout South Carolina. His dedication, persistence, skill, and integrity are legendary among lawyers who have worked with him.

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